This notice applies to the web address and all its sub domains, owned and managed by YKY Bus Service Sdn Bhd (1025295-M) here in referred to as ‘the Site’. For the purpose of this section, “We”, “Our” and “Us” refers to YKY Bus Service Sdn Bhd.

As we seek to continually improve and provide a better bus service, the main purpose of the Site is to streamline our operations and processes to an online platform. This provides users with an improved information platform, simple bus schedule management process and to receive important and emergency notices instantly. Other important information on using the bus service such as GPS tracking, rules and regulations, bus routes, bus timetable, terms and conditions will be available on this site. This Site will enable users to manage and keep up to date with all things buses conveniently in one place.

Bus Buddy is best used on a computer and is also mobile compatible. You should bookmark it on your computer or phone for quicker access.


User accounts

All parent user accounts on the Site is created by Us and is not self-registered by any parent or individual. Only current bus parents will be given access to the Site.

Username and password will be emailed to parents upon registering for the school bus service. Parents are required to change the computer generated password after logging in to the Site for the first time.

User accounts will be deactivated and access to the Site removed once they no longer require or use the bus service.


User information

We only collect information relevant and required for the efficient and effective running of the bus service. The Site contains only the personal information that you currently see when logged in.

The information gathered and kept are primarily from the Transport Application form or as provided by parents. We may at times collect information from the school such as contact numbers or children’s class.

We do not keep data any more than our current practice or necessary for the running of the bus service. For existing bus users, the data and information used and kept on the website is no more than what we currently have and we currently do not require any further information for the running of the website. We do not store any payment details, fees received, banking information or receipt records on this website. The information that you see in your profile is the information that we have and store on the site.


Using your information or data

We use your information or data no more than our current practice to run the bus service. Functions include but not limited to keeping accurate and up to date information records and bus registers, bus route planning, contacting parents and other tasks related to running the bus service.


Information or data sharing

We do not sell, trade or disclose your personal information to third parties that do not relate to the running of the bus service or for marketing purposes or financial benefits. Your data will only be disclosed to and used by people directly involved and for the running of the bus service or the Site such as but not limited to our staff members, the school, website developers and other legal bodies and authorities if required to do so.


Security measures on your information

The Site employs industry standard security measures in protecting your information. Although we take every measure and effort to ensure your information is safe and secure on the Site, we are unable to guarantee against cyber hacking or leaking of information beyond our control.

Passwords are encrypted on this site. The password you received in your email is randomly generated and encrypted on our end.


Cookies and analytics

As this is a non-ecommerce site, there is little benefit in the extensive use of cookies or analytics to track and monitor user behaviour. Therefore, the data we collect is minimal and does not serve any purpose in commercial benefits such as pushing sales, tracking best selling items or increasing web traffic.

The cookies on our site mainly serve the purpose of remembering your log in email and password for your convenience much like a ‘remember me’ function. 


Other information

The intellectual property of the site remains the property of YKY Bus Service Sdn Bhd and in no way is anyone allowed to share, copy or use the site without our permission or other than its intended use.


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